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Aircraft Management

Aircraft management companies exist in many varieties, scattered across a broad swath of locations. They vary in their approach, clientele, base location and aircraft selection. But they all serve a fundamental mission with common traits: To manage a client’s aircraft to afford them maximum availability of their own plane, while keeping the airplane busy enough – via charter – to help it earn its salt.

Ultimately, the management company does just what the name implies: It manages the aircraft for the owner. It takes care of supplying crew – cockpit and cabin – and depending on the agreement with the client, not only operating the aircraft for the owner but flying it in revenue-generating operations for third-party clients.

Aircraft owners may decide to tap the expertise of a management company after acquiring the aircraft, or after a change in the owner-company’s needs and use patterns. Many management companies offer what are commonly called “turnkey management solutions” that might start before the aircraft owner purchases the aircraft – or as far back as before a company selects and acquires the aircraft.

In place of paying several vendors and crew, the company with the managed aircraft pays one bill that covers everything. And when placing the managed aircraft on the management company’s charter certificate is an option, the benefits can range from simple cost reductions to outright profitability from the aircraft’s third-party use. How much, of course, will vary, depending on the hours the jet is made available, the size of the aircraft and the market.

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