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Empty Legs

What is an Empty Leg? 

These flights are created when a private jet is flying empty to a given destination to pick up clients or is simply repositioning back to the home base. The industry calls these journeys ‘Empty legs’.

Take advantage of StarJets’ great last minute Empty Leg deals.

  • Save up to 50% on featured itineraries.
  • Are you flexible? If your schedule is flexible you will be able to fly at prices below market rates.
  • Flights may depart within a 250 miles radius from the listed airport.
  • Aircraft Selection – We will have several aircraft in your area with available empty legs.
  • Empty Leg Experts – our Empty Legs team can inform of available empty legs in your area.

For more information on Empty Leg flights please contact: 1-888-737-5387 (JETS).


Empty Legs

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