Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Carriage

All quoted prices are subject to aircraft availability and are valid for (2) days, after which they are subject to change without notice. Any change of itinerary, departure time or days of usage will invalidate the quoted price. StarJets Inc. is not responsible for cancellations or passenger delays due to maintenance issues, weather, acts of God, force majeure, or any other cause beyond the control of StarJets Inc. Refunds will not be issued for delays or schedule changes beyond the control of StarJets Inc.

Customer/Company, authorized agent, stated above, hereafter collectively referred to as “Client” hereby authorizes StarJets Inc. to serve as its authorized agent to procure the flight referred to herein, and further, agrees that payment in full will be made by wire transfer or check prior to departure. Client authorizes StarJets Inc. to secure funds on this quote by credit card hold authorization. Client also agrees that if payment is not received within the agreed upon timeframe, StarJets Inc. has the authority to utilize the credit card to collect the amount quoted plus a credit card surcharge up to 4%. This quote does not include but is subject to modification for: catering above standard, flight phone usage, Wi-Fi data usage, ground transportation or any additional services requested by client. Winter Operations: de-icing/hangar fees due to inclement weather, including those associated with repositioning the night prior for trips departing 11:00am or earlier. The customer agrees to be responsible for any damage to the interior of the aircraft, including any and all costs of cleaning, restoring, repairing, or replacing materials damaged by the customer or any passenger on the charter flight. This quote is based upon aircraft and crew availability and is not confirmed until signed and payment secured. This quote is aircraft specific only to size, not type or tail number. StarJets reserves the right to substitute aircraft of similar or larger capacity at no additional expense to the Client. Additional technical stops may be required for fuel, customs or other operational reasons. Client agrees to grant StarJets the flexibility to shift departure time +/- 1 Hour on each leg and agrees to inform passengers. All flights are non-smoking. Pets are allowed on a case by case basis.


* Amount shown below reflects cash price. ** Payment in advance is required. *** STARJETS will designate a Preferred FBO used for departure and arrival at all airports. Usage of non-STARJETS Preferred FBO at customers request will result in additional fees. *** Clients confirmed departure time is fixed for the specified date as reflected in this contract.*****Tail # will be confirmed (24) hours prior to departure and is always subject to change.

STANDARD CANCELLATIONS: in the event a trip is cancelled, the Client is responsible for and agrees to reimburse STARJETS for all cost incurred in preparation for this trip. Such costs may include but are not limited to foreign permits, handling fees, crew augmentation, hotel reservations, airline tickets, catering, and ground transportation. In addition to these variable costs, the following fixed fee cancellation charges as a percentage of the quoted price will apply.

US DOMESTIC FLIGHTS: Round Trip Quotes (non-peak travel) 96 – 72 hrs prior to departure 25%. 72 – 48 hrs prior to departure 50%. 48 – 24 hrs prior to departure 75% Less than 24 hrs prior departure 100%.

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Round Trip Quotes (non-peak travel) After Signature: 15%. 7 Days prior to departure 25%. 96 – 48 hrs prior to departure 50%. 48 – 24 hrs prior to departure 100%. Less than 24 hrs prior departure 100% of the quoted amount.

ALL ONE WAY, INCLUDING MULTI-LEG ONE WAY QUOTES AND ITINERARIES ARE SUBJECT TO A 100% Non-refundable cancellation fee upon booking. Full Payment due upon booking.


– Thanksgiving: Extends from the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving Day through and including the following Tuesday.

– Christmas & New Year: Extends from December 15th through and including January 7th.

– President’s Day: Extends from the Friday before President’s Day through and including the following Wednesday.

– Memorial Day: Extends from the Thursday preceding Memorial Day through and including the following Tuesday.

– Independence Day Extends from the Monday proceeding July 4th through and including the following Sunday.

– Labor Day Extends from the Thursday preceding Labor Day through and including the following Tuesday.

During the aforementioned “Peak Travel Dates”, the following terms shall apply: 14 days in advance of first scheduled departure 50% of quoted price. Less than 7 days in advance of first scheduled departure 100% of the quoted price.

ALL cancellations must be submitted in writing and receipt confirmed by STARJETS via written or electronic communications.

On ONEWAY discounted flights and empty leg flights Client agrees to +/- 1.5 hour flexibility on leg departure times. Client acknowledges the above represents Discounted pricing. Departure date and time must be confirmed no less than 72 hours prior to departure.

Any changes to departure time or date may be subject to revised pricing. In the event changes are not approved by StarJets and the flight is cancelled, all applicable cancellation charges apply. Departure times may be changed by StarJets at its discretion, for operational reasons.

Authorized signature representing the Client acknowledges and agrees to the above stated terms. To confirm this charter, please complete and sign this form and FAX back to +1 (305) 900-5300 or email us a scanned copy with a clear copy of your credit card front and back and your driver’s license or Passport.

StarJets is authorized to charge my: __ American Express (AMEX) __ (Mastercard) __ (VISA) Card for the price of the trip and associated charges.