Introducing London

Just about every London travel guide will tell you that there is nowhere else on earth quite like it. With so many unique London activities and incredible London sights, this city is all at once big and brash and bustling, cutting-edge yet traditional, historical yet modern — it is the quintessential international metropolis — a world city by all accounts.

The world comes to London and it greets its guests with grand London hotels and exquisite London restaurants fit for a queen. What happens here affects every corner of the world. A global center of commerce, retail, finance, entertainment, fashion, transit and trends, London can very often feel like the capital of world.

London is also one of the world’s most identifiable and emblematic cities – the city of Big Ben, double-decker buses, the Queen and the Tube, it quite rightly asserts itself in global consciousness as one of the greatest cities on earth. It has a plethora of every conceivable activity, and contains something for everyone.

With so much going on, across such a massive city – the biggest in Europe – no one can expect to be able to do it all. Even life-long Londoners constantly find new surprises and little known London activities in this city. A week stay in a gorgeous London hotel should be long enough to give you a taste of what the ‘big smoke’ has to offer though.

City Specs

  • UTC: - 5
    Time Zone
  • Country
  • 12.2 Millions

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City: Hounslow

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